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Glass Nuggets
The method of production does not allow for exact size and shape.

Available in the following sizes:
Small (approx 10mm in diameter)
Medium (approx 14mm in diameter) and
Large (approx 25mm in diameter)

Glass nuggets are sold in 450gm bags available in Amber, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Teal Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Lime Green, Amethyst, Lilac, Orange, Dark Purple, Red, Yellow, White Opal & Mixed.

Contents per bag;
small nuggets 450gm Approx 170/bag
medium nuggets 450gm Approx 120/bag
large nuggets 450gm Approx 25/bag

Glass Gems are flat backed with a domed top. Approx 14mm in diameter. Each bag of 450gm contains approx 150 glass gems.

Available in Iridised colours:
Yellow Opal, Pink Opal, Blue Opal, Jade Green, White Opal, Clear, Peach Cat's Eye, Amethyst, Cobalt Blue, Azure Blue, Green, Red, Red Opal, Black, Orange Opal and Purple.

Available in non Iridised colours:
Yellow Opal, Orange Opal, Jade Green, Opal, Blue Opal, Red Opal, Amber Opal, Lavender Opal and Mixed.